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We provide mentoring and coaching services to budding and aspiring entrepreneurs, our mentors are season entrepreneurs and top business executives. Get direction to success now [check out our mentors].


Entrepreneurial Centre 

At Afrocentric Entrepreneurial  Centre,  we generate business ideas from group members with a comprehensive business plan and turn them into viable business ventures through various package and programs. 

We equally invest in start up own by members of our centre.  It is open only to registered members as it's not advertise to the public.

At our home page, there is a place to suggest or propose a business, suggested business ideas are not expose to the public. We vet these businesses and select the viable once to take on.

Here is our success stories

Afrocentric institute for Entrepreneurship

We have the following programs:

1) Three month offline/online certificate program on Entrepreneurial thought.[ Enroll Now].

2) Online short courses on entrepreneurship, finance and business. [Take a course today].


Information services

Talk to us, we will provide you with market analysis, customer analysis, and demography, marketing plan, business plan and other necessary research information needed to succeed in your business.

We're in the field building businesses,  so we know more. Talk to us today.