Afrocentric Schools Nig. Ltd.

Afrocentric Schools Nig. Ltd.

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Education and Publishing
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May 2018
Ada George Road, opposite Gloripet filling station, Port Harcourt


Afrocentric School Nig.Ltd. was incorporated as a private liability company to carry out the business of education and publishing among others. We focus on Afrocentric School for Entrepreneurship division which offers business guidance, tips and support. At Afrocentric School for Entrepreneurship, we do not only teach but build businesses.

We teach,guide and build businesses through the following programs;

1) Establishment of businesses; Wealth can only be created through enterprise and business, without such, no individual, community or country can create enduring wealth. Therefore, we developed Enterprise Development Scheme (EDS),  a program aim to create business ideas, incubate such idea or accelerate an existent business. These are some of our proposed businesses and our success stories. You can propose a business for possible incubation or acceleration.

2) Education; Poverty and failure are all about mind and brain not the amount of money in one possession. Afrocentric school  was initiated to carter for mind and brain molding education, thereby equipping the people with success basics. Afrocentric School is not just an ordinary school but a community of people who are out not just to learn, but to actualize their goals. Afrocentric School is a lifelong education design to guide an individual or organization to business and financial success, we offered several courses and programs. We are working currently to reposition this online and offline school for effective delivery.

3) Information Delivery; It is pertinent to note that information is one of the key to success, We therefore seek ways and means to consistently deliver information to our community, partners, students and client. Afrocentric Schools Nig. Ltd was registered to carry out the business of education and publishing, with this, we created a publishing platform, a community and organize periodic events all aim to keep our people inform, motivated and united for success.

You can also published your business, entrepreneur and success related books in our platform. contact us at here for details.