Adult industry business


Sex is what every adult person engage on once in a while in one way or the other, it is a universal subject yet spoken in the whisper of the night. Have you ever sought for sex at a particular time and failed? Do you wish for a solution at that moment but none exist? We have a way of proffering such solution.....this is the business we are proposing to you now.


Do you know why majority of people are poor today is because they lack what it takes to be wealthy in-terms of knowledge, ability to identify and seize opportunity, lack of focus, fear, poor management of money/other resources among others.

Business opportunity are abound everywhere yet only few can discipline themselves, organize their resources, overcome fear and seize such opportunity, hence majority remains in their closet and remain poor. Are you willing to seize a lucrative business  opportunity now?

Someone once said if he knew, he would have bought amazon stock long ago, the problem is that they are other stocks now which he fail to see through. You have a friend, maybe school together but today he is richer than you, Why?  Because he take business steps you always feel indifference about or afraid to take part, think of those friends now and you will realize the truth in this statement.

Those who rejected to invest in Facebook at the early stage are now saying 'hard i know' This is your problem now, inability to see and seize a good business opportunity.


Some of us have money sitting in our bank account without an immediate use for it, we feel secure with this money but the problem is that this cash will be eating up by inflation. The only secure 'cash' is real estate and precious metal. This is an opportunity to convert your cash to an asset even with more returns than real estate and precious metal. This opportunity is in SEX AND ADULT INDUSTRY.


We will return your money in full plus 10% interest if this business does not return 400% in a year!




This business is not for the following people, please do not read further if you are among them.

1) Over religious people.

2) Those allergic to sensitive issues.

3) Those without five hundred thousand naira to invest.


Sex and adult related industry is a multi million naira industry. yes, you heard me well. Sex is forbidding word spoken only in whisper of the night yet it is a universal subject, it is engaged by every adult person in the world in one way or the other. Object, subject, products and services related to sex are of very high demand, this is exactly why the pornographic industry is estimated to be a 2 billion dollars industry.

Before we go further......Do research personally and locally in:

* BROTHEL; You know what brothel is? A place were girls stay and sale sex. They are everywhere, go there and make inquiries as to how much such business generate.

*PORNOGRAPHY SITE; Check out and other porn site, check out the number of time each video is view and you will understand the potential of this business.

*SEX ENHANCER; Do you know why young boys abuse Tramadol, codein and other drugs? Well, the answer is sex. Ask a chemist man how much of this control drugs they sale a day, and you will be surprise if he/she will agree to speak with you on such matter.

*SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE; Some social networking site are hub for sexual connection, check it out by yourself.


Check this out for yourself and you will understand that sex sells, yes, sex is a hot commodity and this is the business opportunity we are presenting to you. We have a way to package this essential commodity to generate millions of naira in profit. You do not need to send money to us, just indicate interest, we discus and invest together. This is an opportunity to protect your cash against inflation and against being use by business men through bank loan to generate profit while you gain nothing. Make your cash productive, make your cash profitable now.


We are opening a window for you were your N500,000 will gives you N2m within a year in a business which you will be part of the formation, management and profit. As earlier stated, you will have a clause to get out of the business with your cash return in full plus 10%, it will be sign. Therefore, your investment is secure, there is no possibility of lost.




WHO WE ARE otherwise called Afrocentric is an investment and education organization with the sole aim of empowering African mind. We build businesses and educate African on the rudiment of business. We are an ideological group which believed economic power is the key to true independent. Currently, we owns Afrocentric schools Nig, Ltd which is the platform we offer business and other related education. We manage Simple Analysis Nig. Ltd, a company that manage and operate two of our hotels. Sometime September 2017, we put forward a supermarket business in our EDS as we did now with this adult industry business. You can check it out here Now here it is, 80% completed at SARS Road, Port Harcourt. We will start operation by May 2018.

We have a track record of establishing any business we put forward here with or without an external investor. Although we are a young organization, we have the potential which only those who see and recognize opportunity will key into. Read more about us HERE. Seize this opportunity now and become part of a growing family, the Afrocentric family.




  • It guaranteed 400% return on investment. Yes, in a year, your N500,000 investment will make you N2,000,000 This is guaranteed and more in subsequent years. It is a gold mine or oil well, anyone you choose to call it.



  • Opportunity to invest in other businesses originated by us.




  • Alliance, partnership and friendship with other business oriented individuals.



  • Rest of mind as your investment is real time business which you can visit, access the books and contribute toward effective management of the business.



This business will certainly make you 40% richer within a year. It is legit and can exclusive be operated by you if you have the technical and managerial know how. So.......




The truth is that you can establish, fully own and manage this business on your own, so why join resources to invest with us?

1) You may not be able to raise the entire N5m needed to finance this business, Therefore contributing just N500,000 will give you ownership of this business.

2) We will take the burden of managing the business which is gruesome from you. This does not mean you will not look into our books, contribute management idea and participate on other areas necessary.

3) Being part of Afrocentric business gives you connection to other business oriented individual and the vast resources of




We required a total of Five Million naira only (N5m) to kick start this business, we need just 10 people only to contribute Five Hundred Thousand naira each (N500,000) for equity. Note that you are not sending cash to us or anyone, we will all meet physical, access the business, different aspect of it, the location and invest together.

This offer is open to only ten people and will end on 15th of April 2018. Take this opportunity now because some of our trusted friends may take more than one slot. We may close this opportunity before the 15th of April if the entire space are taking up before then.

As previously stated, if this business does not generate 400% return on investment within the first year, we will return your money in full plus 10% interest. This is guaranteed





GO HERE to reserve a unit and the complete detail and business plan will be send to your email. Note that you must register on the site before you can reserve a unit of this business opportunity.

Success goes to only those who invested their time and resources not to those who stock pile them. Take this opportunity now before it is too late. Remember it is only 10 chances that is available.