About Us



    We assist entrepreneurs to build their businesses by providing mentoring services, entrepreneurial training, financial support and business information.. We have various programs to help fulfill our core objectives of building businesses. Here is our success stories.


    To establish and sustain one hundred medium to large scale companies within twenty years (2016-2036)


    To assist one million entrepreneur to successfully lunch or expand their business.

    To build an indisputable economic base capable of influencing the political economy of our nation.

    Build, support and promote business enterprises owned and managed by African thereby evolving Afrocentric political entrepreneurs.

    To build an indisputable base of business investors, financier, idea creators and management team

    Promote, protect and upheld the ideology of self reliance thereby raising a new generation that will challenge bad leadership as well as providing effective and ideology based leadership to the continent.


    Economic independent is the key to true independence


    • Access to exclusive entrepreneur and business information.
    • Opportunity to partner with members of the group to develop profit – oriented enterprises through crowd funding.
    • Expand your circle of friends by connecting with like-minded individuals to widen your intellectual and business horizon.
    • Platform to project your business aspirations.
    • Access to business investors, financier and management.


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